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"Madam President, Baroness Ashton, the excellent report by Mr Gualtieri concerning the common security and defence policy includes an important stocktake of the situation. I would like to highlight four priorities for the security and defence policy which we should follow up over the course of the next year. The first is that we must carry out a realistic assessment of the joint missions and, in particular, an external evaluation. We must also incorporate them into our regional policy concepts. This applies, in particular, to the Horn of Africa. Secondly, we need to make progress in pooling and sharing military capacity. We must ensure that the separate route which the French and British are following is brought back into a common European solution. The European Defence Agency has ideas on this subject. You should put these ideas on the table and ensure that there is a public debate, so that we can make progress. Thirdly, we need a public discussion about a new European security strategy. The paper produced by Mr Solana in 2003 was a positive contribution at the time. However, the world has moved on and we need a public debate. Fourthly, we urgently need to come to an agreement with the parliaments of the Member States about joint parliamentary supervision of the common security and defence policy. If we, by which I mean you, Baroness Ashton, and this Parliament, can succeed in making progress with the common security and defence policy in these four areas, in a year’s time, we will be very happy with what we have achieved."@en1

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