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"Madam President, the security of investments both at home and abroad is of key importance for economic development both in Europe and in the relevant partner countries. The only way to secure existing jobs or to create new employment is by safeguarding investments. That is why there are two things that I regard as being important. Firstly, the over one thousand agreements already in existence must be retained. It makes no sense to cast investors, Member States and others into a state of legal uncertainty. Secondly, and this is particularly important for us: in future, we will have to have many common European agreements that apply to all 27 Member States and investors from these Member States if we are also to have a uniform level of protection within the European internal market. For this reason, I am very grateful to my fellow Members – Mr Schlyter, as well as Mr Zalewski, Mr Sturdy and Mr Rinaldi – because they have tried and succeeded in finding a broad consensus. I think it would be a good thing if the other groups would reconsider this issue and recognise that the compromise on the table is actually a very good solution that tries to cater to all needs. For my own group, I would like to state clearly once again that we want a good solution for investors, workers and Member States. We are looking for speedy negotiations with the Council, so that this issue is not put on the long finger, but that a solution is found soon. On account of the differences between the groups, my group favours completing the first reading this week. Finally, I would like to add that we would be very open to finding a swift solution in the second reading – and we would be very grateful if this were possible – in other words, we would suggest that, rather than following the normal procedure of the second reading, we should try to find a so-called early second-reading agreement. Once again, I would like to thank all those involved. I think that by adopting this legislative process, the Committee on International Trade is showing that we are capable of dealing with complex issues and complex dossiers within a reasonable timeframe."@en1

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