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". − I would like to congratulate Mrs Jeggle on a document which makes a significant contribution to the debate on the shape of the common agricultural policy. A key factor affecting the increase in economic potential of rural areas is the involvement of women – both in political bodies and agricultural organisations and by means of self-employment. A key issue in terms of job creation is the promotion among women of electronic forms of entrepreneurship such as commerce, which make it possible to be economically active even in inaccessible areas. We should also make better use of opportunities aimed at developing community life in rural areas by drafting and implementing programmes supporting training systems for women’s organisations. Something else which is of key significance in terms of equal opportunities is support for the putting in place of appropriate childcare infrastructure in rural areas, since properly functioning childcare makes it easier for women to return to work more quickly and makes them more competitive in the labour market. I would like to thank Mrs Jeggle once again for taking my proposals on board during her work on the report. Things which women asked for during public consultations I organised in the Ziemia Lubuska region were included in the document."@en1

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