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"Madam President, I would like to speak and to use this debate to talk about a fundamental issue: the emergency. They cannot cope alone. The root of this problem is, as everybody knows, in the unstable situations in Tunisia and Egypt, and the war in Libya. However, there is no limit to how long it will last: unfortunately, it will last a worrying length of time. We therefore need to decide how we can use our common policies to manage the emergency, because they cannot cope alone. In my opinion, Madam President, Commissioner, solidarity with the victims and solidarity with the host states and regions must be our priority. We have instruments that we are not using properly. We have four funds. Mrs Malmström told us clearly and briskly about sums that strike me as ridiculous. She spoke of EUR 30 million, EUR 25 million on request, etc. However, our four funds, the Refugee Fund, the Return Fund, the External Borders Fund and the Integration Fund, total almost EUR 3 billion within the scope of the financial perspectives. Mrs Malmström, it seems to me that these funds should be used for emergency situations, because we need to have the ability to use them and modify them. Our limitations in terms of collaboration and solidarity are symbolised by the fragility that the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union has demonstrated with the Hermes Operation. The arrival of increasing numbers of people fleeing the war and fleeing from desperation highlight how limited this capacity is. They cannot cope alone. Who can cope? The European Union has the necessary solidarity to meet the requirements of this emergency in real time."@en1

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