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"Mr President, I will say it again: 100 000 cancelled flights, 10 million passengers who did not reach their destination, EUR 2 billion of losses to the airlines. I do not recall a similar paralysis of air traffic in Europe ever happening before. The European Commission, under pressure from public opinion and the aviation industry, announced quick and decisive action as early as April last year. Unfortunately, the volcanic ash has settled, and the Commission’s ambitions have fallen with it. To date, a European crisis management plan for similar situations has not been drafted. It has also not been possible as yet to agree on a common position between safety experts, aircraft manufacturers, airlines and market regulators. It is, therefore, necessary to ask the following questions today: what has been done about this over the last year? If a similar volcanic eruption occurred today, would we react differently than a year ago? When will we be presented with specific measures? We are conducting a sustained dialogue on the Single European Sky, on body and liquid scanners, and on procedures for natural disasters such as a volcanic eruption or a severe attack of winter. Meanwhile, air traffic over Europe continues to increase year-on-year. The time for discussions is ending. The European sky needs immediate and good solutions for the future, and I strongly encourage the Commission to complete this work. Thank you very much."@en1

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