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"Madam President, I was pleased to hear, Mr Oettinger, that you did not go along with the growing trend for ‘shale gas euphoria’, but instead advised taking a more sensible approach. This area is, of course, promising to a certain extent, because it could result in a reduction in our dependency on gas imports. In fact, we are already benefiting from this. You have referred to the fact that prices are falling because of the large supplies of unconventional gas coming from the USA. However, as you have said, we need to create an atmosphere of trust if we want this subject to be investigated in an impartial way. The Commission is proposing to review the regulatory framework. I was surprised to hear your spokesperson saying recently that there would definitely be loopholes in the regulations. However, in contrast to the USA, the Commission has omitted to do a number of things. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is undertaking a major study. I would like to know why we are not doing something similar or, at least, waiting to find out the results of the study before we take any further steps. We currently need a political moratorium on shale gas activities until we can answer the questions which many citizens are asking, because they have realised that action has been taken too quickly in the USA. Problems are occurring there which are more significant than people initially wanted to believe and the USA now finds itself in the sort of difficulties that we definitely want to avoid. Therefore, I am calling on you, as the Member of the Commission responsible for this area, not to persist in doing what you have planned, but to carry out more in-depth investigations, as the Americans are, in order to create an atmosphere of trust."@en1

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