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"Madam President, Mr Tajani, you have made some more announcements today, Mr Tajani, about what the Commission intends to do over the next few months regarding supplies of raw materials. In 2007, the Commission also made an announcement and presented its raw materials strategy. My problem is that the announcements we have heard over recent days and the announcements we have heard over recent weeks are very similar to those made in 2007. However, I have the impression that very little has happened since then. Little has happened at least when it comes to us asserting our own interests. It seems to me that many other states are promoting their interests very aggressively. This is known as the ‘colonial reflex’. I see this happening not in the countries of the European Union, but specifically in China, which is using the issue of raw materials, and of rare earth elements (REEs) in particular, to maintain its monopoly and put other countries at a disadvantage. I increasingly often ask myself, Mr Tajani, who should be responsible for ensuring that something actually happens. Is it your Directorate-General? Is it you? Is it the Directorate-General for Trade? Is it Mr De Gucht? Is it the other commissioners? Who really has overall responsibility? What concrete steps must be taken? Whose actions should we be measuring and when, in order to ensure that measures are actually put in place by the European Union? I would be very grateful if you could investigate this issue, because we are all aware that the Chinese are continuing to play an active role and are imposing export restrictions and duties, which present our companies with huge problems. Has the Commission finally drawn up a list of all the products where the Chinese currently have a competitive advantage because of their export restrictions? Is the Commission intending to take anti-dumping measures, where appropriate, in order to remove competitive disadvantages for our companies? I would be very grateful if you could turn your attention to these issues."@en1

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