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"Madam President, the importance of Mr Lange’s report has been somewhat over-emphasised as a result of the enthusiasm of many of the Members who have taken part in the discussion. The report covers almost everything and, in some places, contains contradictory information. Nevertheless, I believe that this report represents important progress. In the past, it was often the case that only the French or those on the left-wing who were in favour of strong state control spoke up in support of industrial policy. It was a taboo subject for everyone else. Now we are in the new position of having reached a basic consensus about the fact that we must have an industrial policy in Europe and that it must be a joint policy at a European level. I think that this is a significant step forward and I am grateful to Mr Tajani for highlighting this so clearly. We cannot go on as we did before and Mrs Grossetête is absolutely right about that. We cannot treat industrial policy as something which emerges almost by chance at the end of our free trade policy. We need to turn things back the right way up, but not on the basis of illusions of state control and not with the idea that the state must take a regulatory role and intervene directly in business. The state must create a sensible framework which promotes innovation and, in particular, environmental innovation, and which will allow progress to be made in these areas by exploiting competition. However, we do not want to see strong state control or protectionism. In future, we will only be able to ensure that European industry is in a strong position if we take seriously the task of environmental innovation on a central level. Therefore, I would like to say in conclusion, Mr Tajani, that I am very grateful to you for explaining that sustainability and competitiveness are not opposites, but must be put on the same footing and coordinated with one another."@en1

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