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"I voted in favour of adopting the Häusling report. I am glad that Mr Häusling has raised the issue of the protein deficit in Europe and provided us with important information on this subject. It is evident that the matter requires urgent action. Protein is one of the most important components of our daily diet, and a lack of protein can lead to serious health problems. What is more, as is apparent from the research presented in the report, the cultivation of high protein crops and widespread application of the principle of crop rotation would reduce production costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions. Given the poor eating habits of the citizens of the European Union’s Member States, as well as European farmers’ lack of experience of cultivating high protein crops, I believe that we should concentrate, first and foremost, on education. I am thinking here, above all, of making people more aware of the positive impact of protein on human health (the School Fruit Programme is an example of a programme with a similar aim currently being implemented within the European Union), and also of developing an incentive system for farmers cultivating high protein crops."@en1

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