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"I congratulate Mrs Rivasi on the well-prepared report. I agree that a system should be developed to allow for accurately determining the magnitude of the risk and the strength of the virus in order to avoid future expenditure which would be disproportionate to the threat. I am very pleased that the Polish Government has not succumbed to panic on this issue, or rather, to the effective lobbying of the pharmaceutical companies. I consider it particularly important for experts and researchers who provide opinions on the need to purchase drugs or vaccines to be completely independent of pharmaceutical companies. I support the rapporteur’s proposal for specialists working in the pharmaceutical industry to only be consulted and to be excluded from the decision-making process. I must note with regret that tens of millions of doses of vaccines have still not been used in some Member States to this very day. This resulted in huge financial losses, while the lost funds could have been successfully used in a more thoughtful and effective way in protecting the health of Europe’s citizens."@en1

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