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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, first of all, I, too, would like to express my thanks to Mrs Podimata. She has not had an easy job in recent weeks. I am sure you will have noticed from the e-mails that we have received and from the heated debate that has taken place – even within some of the groups – that this is an issue that is being watched very closely by many of our citizens, who want to see exactly what position politicians in this Parliament will take on this matter. The financial transaction tax is the result of a citizens’ initiative that is driving this proposal, which is essentially based on the Tobin tax, and Parliament’s position on the matter will therefore be decisive. Firstly, there is a key question: does it have to be a global tax? At a global level, there is scarcely anyone who opposes this tax. The next question is: should we also introduce it at a European level? To be frank, I regret to say that many of its opponents are hiding behind the argument concerning Europe. We should categorically reject such hidden tactics here and now, because we have successful transaction taxes even at a national level and these transaction taxes work in sub-markets. In other words, even if Mr Šemeta is currently working on the impact assessment, there is no point in investigating whether or not a transaction tax can work; we should investigate only in which sub-markets it can be introduced nationally, in which sub-markets it can be introduced across Europe and those sub-markets where it can only be introduced globally. It also means that as the amendment is worded, anyone who claims to want transactions to be taxed has no reason to vote tomorrow against the wording proposed jointly by 120 Members. I call on you, Mr Šemeta, to make your impact assessment fair and to take into consideration how undertaxed the financial sector is. Ladies and gentlemen, let us send out a clear signal tomorrow in favour of a European financial transaction tax. There is no technical reason not to do so."@en1

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