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"− I welcome the results of today’s vote. It is planned that approximately 70% of EU funds for entrepreneurs will be disbursed using the loan funds. Non-repayable grants will be reserved primarily for high-risk projects, which find it difficult to obtain loans. According to the experts, assistance provided in the form of a preferential loan or guarantee is better in the long term than non-reimbursable aid. Entrepreneurs benefit less from preferential loans. However, many more companies can benefit from these loans, and the money lending system, once supplied with money, should theoretically work indefinitely. I therefore subscribe to the idea that after 2014, 70–80% of support for entrepreneurs should be disbursed in the form of loans and guarantees, and the rest in non-repayable grants. The latter would be reserved for supporting innovative high-risk projects, or in other words those which would find it difficult to qualify for a loan."@en1

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