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"I welcomed the results of the vote. It is my firm belief that every measure which means that the citizens of all the EU Member States enjoy equal rights deserves our support. I am all the more pleased because these equal rights relate to key matters such as the freedom to cross borders. As a Pole, I remember the numerous difficulties involved in crossing the border before Poland became a member of the European Union, and so I regard every step we take towards the full and mutual abolition of visas as being of huge significance. The Macovei recommendation is also significant for another reason. In the explanatory statement, the rapporteur notes that two third countries, namely Canada and the United States, are still imposing visa obligations; on three Member States in the case of Canada, and on four Member States in the case of the United States. I believe that the measures taken recently by Parliament, such as Written Declaration 89/2010, will have the intended effect and bring about a change in the visa policies of the United States and Canada."@en1

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