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"I would like to congratulate Mr Cancian on his work. I am pleased that we were ultimately able to reach agreement in the Conciliation Committee. Our principal achievement is, of course, the matter of passengers’ rights to compensation and assistance in the event of an accident, guarantees for passengers in the event of cancellations and delays, and guaranteed rights for disabled persons and passengers with reduced mobility (PRM). I am particularly pleased by the fact that passengers with reduced mobility have been included in the document, as I mentioned previously, but, at the same time, I have well-founded concerns in this respect: in the case of air passengers, neither the airlines nor the airports know exactly which passengers are to be regarded as passengers with reduced mobility. It is common for help to be refused to mothers and father travelling alone with small children as a result of this lack of knowledge among carriers and airports. I would therefore like to make the following appeal: our work will not be complete after voting through the document during the plenary session. We also have a duty to monitor whether the regulation is properly applied."@en1

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