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"I am concerned at the conclusions reached by the authors of the oral question; five years before the deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, there has been a slight decrease in the global incidence of tuberculosis. According to the information at my disposal, over 73% of doctors in Central and Eastern Europe admit that they do not feel adequately trained to diagnose and treat tuberculosis. The general feeling among doctors is that the situation is significantly worse; 75% of doctors believe that the number of new cases of tuberculosis is growing. What can be the reason for such a discrepancy between the official statistics and the observations of medical practitioners? The system for collecting data on new cases of tuberculosis is outdated, and healthcare institutions often neglect their duties in this respect. It should be stressed that the key weapons in fighting the disease remain prevention, education and adherence to the rules of hygiene, which makes it possible to avoid infection with the tubercle bacillus. I agree with the authors of the question that one of the solutions to this problem may be the introduction of a vaccination programme at the same time as a large-scale information campaign."@en1

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