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". Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, in my view, this is a question of making the best possible use of the possibilities provided by the law to actually provide strong financial supervision in Europe, and we have our doubts about whether these possibilities are in fact being utilised to the best possible extent in the institutions. We are seeing shortcomings in the procedure. As Parliament, we have so far not been able to see the list of candidates in advance, but only the finished result. It would be very easy to send us this list now for the executive directors. We quite clearly have a lack of gender equality when it comes to filling the posts, and, due to certain events during the process, we have our doubts about whether the Member States will in fact fill the posts in this institution in the interests of Europe. That and the other points in our letter entitle us to ask a fundamental question. However, over and above this there is, of course, also the question of the suitability of the individuals, and in this regard each person has to be assessed individually on the basis of their skills. We see two major problems with this. In the hearings, we found that one of the candidates disputed the fact that this was a European institution, but talked instead about a network of supervisory authorities, and even when asked about it he was not prepared to correct this. We did not receive any clear responses when we asked them whether they were prepared to make all lobbyist contact with the financial industry transparent. We have sent a letter to all three candidates, and as far as we are concerned the outcome of the vote is dependent on whether we receive clear and comprehensive responses to this."@en1

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