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"International adoption should be permitted for the good of the child, but only if the opportunities for adoption in the Member State in question have been exhausted. As a rule, a child should be brought up in the country of which he or she is a citizen. Foreign adoptions also take place in my own country of Poland. They usually involve children who have little hope of being adopted within Poland due to various illnesses. In 2006, for example, 202 foreign families decided to take care of 311 of our fellow citizens – 214 Polish children found Italian parents, 25 found French parents, 22 found American parents, 20 found Dutch parents, 15 found Swedish parents, seven found German parents, six found Swiss parents, one found Belgian parents and one found Canadian parents. The problem of orphaned children is practically non-existent in Western Europe, hence the high level of interest in the possibility of adopting children from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. I believe that the European Commission should, first and foremost: 1) inform Parliament what measures have been or will be taken at European level in order to prevent international adoption becoming a front for child trafficking; 2) provide an answer to the question of how the Commission intends to prevent children being adopted to fit in with the latest fashion. Europeans are becoming ever more willing to adopt children from Africa because this has become a popular practice among film stars. This is neither an adequate nor serious basis for adoptive parenthood, however."@en1

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