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"I am quite sure that the recognition of agriculture as a strategic sector will make it possible to create better conditions for the implementation of aid and information programmes. There can be no doubt that food aid programmes should be put in place for the poorest members of society. We often forget that nearly 80 million people in the European Union live below the poverty line. As well as aid programmes, we should develop programmes promoting healthy eating, above all, for children and secondary school pupils. The consequences of neglecting such matters can be seen very clearly in the US, where the number of obese teenagers has tripled in recent years. It is particularly important for programmes promoting the consumption of fruit and milk to be implemented in educational institutions, since learning the right eating habits will have a positive impact on the health of young Europeans, thus reducing health and social spending in the future. The greatest possible number of local food producers and distributors should be involved in the implementation of programmes of this kind, since this will strengthen the position of small and medium-sized agricultural holdings."@en1

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