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"Mr President, international adoption that is inspired by the principles of prevalence of the interests of the child and respect for his fundamental rights is an appropriate means of finding a family for children for whom a family cannot be found in their country of origin. People trafficking, sexual exploitation and work slavery are a terrible reality affecting hundreds of millions of minors. Let us look at some of the statistics: there are more than 145 million abandoned children in the world; in Russia alone, more than 600 000 live on the streets; since 1980, more than 2 million children have died in armed conflicts; more than 600 million children live in extreme poverty; more than 5 million die every year; more than 130 million children in developed countries grow up without access to a basic education due to their poverty, and 60% of them are girls; 7 million children worldwide are subject to sexual slavery. For all these reasons, we must foster mechanisms to promote an international adoption instrument inspired by protecting children, harmonising the different requirements and procedures laid down in the legislation of the Member States, in particular, applying Article 21 of the European Charter of Children’s Rights and taking into consideration Article 24 of our Charter of Fundamental Rights."@en1

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