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"I voted against the resolution, although I am firmly in favour of protecting animal welfare. There can be no disputing the need for adaptation to comply with the requirements of the directive, which introduces a ban on conventional cages, but we should give all Member States the same amount of time to implement it. The difficulties faced by many European producers in adapting to the regulations that are to enter into force as of 1 January 2012 will bring about a shortage of table eggs on the market and a significant rise in the price of such eggs, a fall in the sector’s competitiveness compared to imported eggs from third countries, and, most likely, production being stopped or greatly scaled down. Before the final introduction of the ban, we should assess the state of implementation of the directive, as an assessment of this kind could lead to proposals for transitional solutions for the gradual withdrawal of unenriched cages without putting producers who have already complied with the regulations at a disadvantage."@en1

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