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"Madam President, Commissioner, thank you very much for your words, and also for your commitment. I would once again like to express my admiration for the way that you are managing the portfolio with which you have been entrusted. There have been 18 speeches this afternoon, and the majority groups have supported this report. I would therefore like to reiterate my deep and heartfelt gratitude, because they have participated actively, enriching and amending substantive issues that should be included and are now included. I am essentially referring to the human rights chapter, the European Asylum Support Office and the role of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Obviously, in such a broad and diverse Chamber, we are not obliged to agree with one another, which is why the efforts that we have all made to reach a very broad consensus are particularly significant. Ladies and gentlemen, from a centre-right and Christian Democrat position, I am indeed saying that I am unequivocally in favour of the expression ‘irregular’, and that I reject the expression ‘illegal’, as legally, semantically and ethically inappropriate. Thank you very much to all my fellow Members for their support, and also for their speeches, including the dissenting ones."@en1

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