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"Madam President, I am opposed to this resolution. My group has allowed me to speak against it, despite the fact that most of my colleagues do not share my opinion. As has been pointed out, the Chinese ambassador has responded to the criticism expressed. It may be that his letter does not answer every question, but why is it that we are first looking to pass a resolution rather than seeking dialogue? Can we really take ourselves seriously if we first adopt a resolution and then say, as the previous speaker put it – now let us send someone on a fact-finding mission to find out how bilingualism is under threat. I do not believe it is plausible to speak of the death of the Tibetan language. It is not within the remit of this Parliament to decide how much Hungarian is taught in schools in Slovakia or Romania, but yet it feels entitled to decide whether maths should be taught in Tibetan or another language. I do not know whether this is wise. Finally, I believe it is a mistake to link the question of language policy with the Dalai Lama, even though the two issues are quite separate. I do not believe that by taking such a step, we will be helping to ensure that people are not prevented from using their own language."@en1

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