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"Mr President, Mr Barroso, the Commission has put forward an incredibly wide-ranging programme for 2011 and I would like to make it quite clear that I think it would be good if the prioritisation were improved. We now have around 30 Directorates-General and 26 Commissioners. I do not believe that every Directorate-General and every Commissioner should have to justify their existence by producing large numbers of legislative proposals. I am convinced that it would sometimes be good for Europe if we were to set genuine priorities and restrict ourselves to the essentials. Europe’s strength lies not in concerning itself with as many issues as possible, but in taking more time for important questions. I would like to make some points relating to external trade in particular, as I am the coordinator for my group in this area. I would be pleased if we could at last make some progress with the transatlantic relationship, as Elmar Brok has already said. The Transatlantic Economic Council has been on the agenda for years, but has not yet had any real successes. If we look at how the world has changed during this time and how the economic power of different regions in the world has shifted, we can see that we urgently need to work much more closely with the Americans. It would be good if the Commission could remember during the course of its work that the European Parliament is a colegislator in the field of external trade since the Treaty of Lisbon came into force. Both sides, Parliament and the Commission, will have to learn how to deal with one another and how to draw up legislation jointly, with regard to external trade in particular. I would be very happy if the Commission were to pay special attention to this area and, most importantly, to allow plenty of time for the dialogue and for transparent, joint activities."@en1

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