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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, in recent years, we have witnessed considerable attempts by Community institutions to ensure that the production, use and disposal of electronic products better protect the environment and human health. The RoHS Directive is a key element of this policy. Compliance with the directives is certainly a challenge and a burden for businesses, but it is also an opportunity. Indeed, the ability to supply less polluting products is a very important distinguishing factor for our businesses, so much so that it can be classed as a real competitive advantage. Businesses must not regard the regulations and the provisions in the directive simply as obligations designed to penalise them, but as opportunities to improve business processes and product quality. Nonetheless, some exemptions have been deemed necessary – some because of the current serious economic crisis, others because they are the subject of a subsequent and specific directive. This is the case for nanomaterials, the space and safety sectors, fixed installations, means of transport and self-propelled machinery, human-implantable medical devices, photovoltaic panels and equipment intended for research and development applications. In conclusion, I would take this opportunity to express my desire for greater consistency between the RoHS Directive and the REACH regulation, with any risk of confusion or overlap avoided, because businesses and operators need clear and definite rules."@en1

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