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"Today, we are voting on an important document about simplifying procedures for accessing framework programmes for research and innovation. Simplifying and standardising the legislative framework of European research programmes is a choice we have to make. Indeed, science, education and innovation are the foundations for economic revitalisation and the creation of new jobs. We need to invest in research and innovation if we want to focus on new products and services to make Europe more competitive and, at the same time, improve European citizens’ quality of life. Over recent years, the European research and innovation programmes have become notably broader in scope. This has also brought an increase in rules and administrative procedures which, in turn, have caused greater difficulties in participating in European tenders. Through this document, we are urging the European Commission to remove these obstacles and urgently begin simplifying the rules for accessing research funding. I voted in favour of the resolution, hoping for greater procedural uniformity in order to allow easier and more open access to European funding, which often remains largely unused, partly because of procedural difficulties."@en1

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