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"Mr President, Mr Chastel once said that the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is looking for a new dynamism. This Parliament would like to help it to find this dynamism. This motion for a resolution, which was drawn up under the guidance of the Vice-President, takes – and was indeed carried by a broad majority in Parliament – a very progressive position on the role of the OSCE. New momentum has been provided for the OSCE from various sides. For example, proposals put forward by the Vice-President of the United States have made a very positive contribution. However, we now need a clear definition of the goals of the Corfu Process. That is important for the forthcoming summit. All three dimensions of the OSCE should be enhanced, particularly the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. However, we also want to take new measures. That is what is valuable about this motion for a resolution. For example, it raises the question of whether it should be possible for the European Union to take on OSCE-mandated missions in future within the framework of the common security and defence policy. For example, in the case of Kyrgyzstan, it would have been very beneficial if we had had this kind of option and had been able to do something like this there, together with our Russian partners for example. It has also been proposed, for example – and Mr Rouček has already mentioned this – that a goal be set for the Corfu Process to draw up a charter for a security community in the OSCE area. That is the right response to moves made by Russia, which considers it necessary to renew discussions on common security in the Euro-Atlantic area. I am certain that the OSCE will remain essential for the common Euro-Atlantic security architecture, and I hope that we will also play our part in helping to make it successful."@en1

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