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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the elections of 2 November represent a fairly major turning point in recent American history and one gets the impression that the country is now pausing for breath. In such a situation, it is all the more important to signal our reliable cooperation and to set clear priorities for our future work together. I am grateful to Mr De Gucht for bringing up the subject of the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) at the start of his remarks and for what he said on this matter. We need to breathe new life into the TEC. So far, the TEC has done very little, but we can still hope. I also agree with and support the two aspects that you mentioned, Commissioner; both bilateral cooperation – with a view to the standardisation and regulation of low carbon technologies, for example – but also, above and beyond this, the strategic component. We hope that this is a step forward. It is regrettable that climate policy will not play a part in the one and a half hour summit in Portugal. Nevertheless, it is important that our representatives, President Barroso and President Van Rompuy, make it clear there that Europe will not allow itself to be held back or dragged down by this. The focus on development policy is a good thing, and from a European perspective, it would also be good if we could seek to achieve not just any cooperation, but qualified cooperation, by emphasising the Millennium Development Goals and climate policy. Finally, in view of the fact that the Presidency has now been weakened and that there are new isolationist tendencies in the US, it will be important for Europe to independently take the initiative internationally, such as in the Middle East in respect of the Palestinians, Syria or Lebanon. We should tell the Americans quite clearly that we are prepared to do this and that we want to shoulder this responsibility."@en1

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