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"I would like to offer my congratulations on the decision to take up the subject of containers lost at sea. On 8 February this year, ferries sailing from Poland to Sweden were in immediate danger. The Finnish freight vessel the was sailing from Rotterdam to St Petersburg, and while crossing lanes used by Polish and Swedish vessels it lost three containers containing 8.3 tonnes of substances classified as dangerous to the environment, 7 tonnes of products which are hazardous to marine life and 5.5 tonnes of flammable substances. Fortunately, this time it was possible to avert a tragedy. I agree that all containers should be weighed in port and correctly stowed before vessels head to sea. This is, however, a long-term plan. The plan for today is for the Commission to introduce a regulation which provides for particular supervision of containers with substances classified as hazardous. Therefore, I would like to ask the Commission a question: when may we expect the first action on this matter?"@en1

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