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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Commissioner for taking the opportunity several times in recent months, firstly, to report here to the plenary part-session and secondly, to attend question and answer sessions with the relevant parliamentary committee, either in person or through his staff. It is right and important that we should assure the European Parliament that the Commission really does report on the status of negotiations in a transparent way. I believe that this also places us in a position to evaluate, and therefore approve or reject, such an agreement on the basis of solid data. My impression at the moment is that many critics are running out of arguments against the ACTA agreement. I think it is a good thing that the remains unchanged. It would be really great if the Commission could once again show us that this really is copper-fastened. There are still some Members of this House who have their doubts about this and I would be grateful if the Commission could explain this issue once again in a clear, unambiguous way – perhaps even having the Commission’s legal service check the matter out. I believe it is a positive thing that the ACTA agreement is apparently focusing on the implementation of existing law, rather than the framing of new laws. I particularly welcome the section on the Internet. It is high time that we took action in relation films, music, books and software circulating on the Internet. I am not looking to criminalise any of our citizens, but I believe that it must be possible for artists and creators also to pursue their intellectual property rights on the Internet and I welcome the fact that the ACTA agreement offers a first step in this direction. I would definitely have preferred to deal with the entire issue in the context of the WTO. However, I also note that we lacked suitable partners in dialogue within the WTO, which is why the ACTA agreement is certainly a good start. I would be grateful if the Commission, possibly after the conclusion of the ACTA agreement, would do all it can to ensure that as many other countries as possible sign up to this agreement and would also demonstrate a little flexibility in cases where doubts exist. I particularly welcome the fact that you have succeeded in including information on geographical origin – such as champagne, Scotch whisky, Parma ham, etc. – I would like to congratulate you on this. I believe this is a huge step forward for the interests of the European Union. It must be possible to secure and protect our European origin labelling and information in the same way as trademarks like Coca Cola, Kellogg’s Cornflakes, etc. I believe we must take active steps here in the interests of our producers. You raised a question in relation to patents: on the one hand, the title of this agreement clearly points in a different direction; however, on the other hand, our businesses are experiencing enormous problems in this regard and I would suggest that perhaps we could discuss this issue with you in detail on Monday when you attend the meeting of the Committee on International Trade. Congratulations on what you have achieved. I would encourage you to show perseverance with regard to the outstanding issues. I look forward to the day when this House can decide whether to approve or reject the agreement on the basis of the final wording."@en1

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