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"Over recent years, late payments have become an increasingly important burden in the financial management of businesses. They represent a serious and dangerous problem that drags down the quality of the tender system, seriously undermining the survival of small businesses and contributing to the European economy’s loss of competitiveness. The statistics are alarming, above all, with regard to Italy, where the average payment is made at 186 days, peaking at 800 days in regional government with regard to the health sector. It is a real disgrace, which has very often forced many SMEs to close. Through this report, we are taking a great step forward by setting 60 days as the limit for payments from the public sector to the private sector. Of course, the adoption of this legislation will not solve the problem as if by magic, but it definitely represents a starting point to set off a virtuous cycle, above all, with regard to dealings with public authorities. The efficiency and immediacy of public authorities in paying invoices is an important step that will also have benefits for the European economy. I hope that the Member States, above all Italy, transpose the legislation very quickly."@en1

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