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"Mr President, I would first of all like to congratulate Mrs Fajon on producing a report that involved so much commitment in such a determined way. I would also like to congratulate my colleague and friend, Mrs Corazza Bildt, for her determination and passion in taking on the commitment of visa exemptions for Bosnia and Herzegovina and for Albania, two countries that desperately need them. Like you, I, too, was in Sarajevo and Mostar during the war, and I too witnessed Milosevic’s mass population displacements and the solidarity of the Albanians. That is why I am expressing my joy here today, Mr President, because, happily, justice is being done. Since the Salonica Summit in June 2003, when the European Union at last took the welcome step of committing to exempt the Western Balkans from visas, following the first stage when the two countries did not fulfil the requirements, we can now reaffirm and welcome the commitment that finally, Albanians and Bosnians are going to be able to travel to EU territory. Mr President, Commissioner, the need to bring stability to the Balkans, especially to countries that will certainly join the Union in the future, and to facilitate the mobility of a population that is currently isolated, must, in my view, be one of Parliament’s political obligations."@en1

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