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"Mr President, we are all aware that the laogai network is the front for an intolerable system of enforced labour camps in China. The very existence of these labour camps is intolerable, but I find it repellent that many of the products manufactured there find their way into our shops. These labour camps are not just used as part of the penal system for prisoners, but also enable the Chinese Government to reap profits and economic benefits. This again is an intolerable situation. How can we know that some of the products from these labour camps will not be served as part of the hospitality offered to the delegation from the European Union that is to visit China in 14 days’ time? I do not think I would be able to stomach this. Mr Füle, I am very disappointed by what you have had to say. Instead of finally focusing on this issue and presenting us with solutions, you have announced that the Commission first intends to find out what other countries also use critical prisons to manufacture products that reach our markets. You should deal with one problem appropriately. When you have solved this problem, then we can move on to another one. We should avoid spreading ourselves too thinly, but should finally tackle this problem head-on. I am calling on the Commission and the Council finally to ensure that the products from these camps will no longer be sold in a single European shop. We do not want products like this in Europe. As has already been mentioned several times, our friends in the US have found a way to ban these products from their shops. I call on the Commission to ensure that these bloodstained products no longer reach our markets. I am in favour of good partnership with China, but these camps and other issues will always be a thorn in the side of our relations."@en1

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