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"I was pleased to hear the results of today’s vote on Mrs De Veyrac’s report. I did, of course, endorse adoption of the document. The current system of investigating accidents in civil aviation is now 16 years old. During this time, air traffic in the skies of Europe has increased significantly. The risk of accidents has also risen. Accident investigation commissions should be guaranteed freedom from the interference of interested parties and from the pressure of time, politics, the media and judicial bodies. The first priority should be to look for the cause of the accident and ways of preventing similar events in the future, and not to find someone to blame. An invaluable role in ensuring safety is also played by investigating the causes of accidents which could potentially have occurred. Therefore, it is important to introduce as quickly as possible the Safety Management Systems and Just Culture programmes of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, which include voluntary and sanction-free reporting by pilots, cabin crew, flight controllers and ground staff of every irregularity which is noticed. Unfortunately, through fear of disciplinary or punitive sanctions, many serious problems and incidents are never disclosed."@en1

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