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"Madam President, Mr De Gucht, I agree with your basic premise that the European Union must work towards a strategic partnership with China. However, if, after having said that, our next step is almost always to talk once again about the Chinese market, I believe that we are narrowing our horizons in our approach to this strategic relationship. We are underestimating China and our own European responsibility. Therefore, I would like to look at some issues that go beyond the admittedly very important economic relationships between us and the Chinese. During a recent visit to Vietnam, Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, has made a surprising move with regard to security in the South China Sea and has taken up a position which should appeal to the Europeans. It involves introducing a multilateral conflict management strategy in this complex area that is also of economic importance to us. Does Europe have a position on this? Do we share this approach or do we not have an opinion? The next climate summit will soon be taking place in Cancún. On the last occasion, the Chinese did not play a particularly helpful role and I say this with gentle irony. We could also have been more self-critical in this respect. Is there a European strategy for working with the Chinese to get things moving with regard to Cancún and beyond? It is clear that the American contribution to this issue is largely non-existent at the moment as a result of internal political problems. Of course, we must also look at economic policy questions. However, when you refer to raw materials and rare earths, Parliament would be interested to hear about your strategy in this area. Do we want to threaten the Chinese with World Trade Organisation (WTO) sanctions? Do you believe that this is the right course of action? Are we looking for a cooperative strategy which will involve, for example, helping the Chinese to solve their problems in this area by means of technology transfers? I would like us not only to talk about the strategic partnership, but also about the strategy and the strategic European objectives which we will use to achieve it."@en1

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