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"Madam President, asylum is a precise and defined legal concept that has nothing to do with a readmission agreement. The agreement with Pakistan is an EU instrument that is part of the fight against illegal immigration, not of international protection or asylum. There is no room for doubt regarding the purpose of the agreement: the readmission of any Pakistani citizens that do not fulfil or no longer fulfil the current requirements for entering, being in or residing in a Member State, or of nationals from third countries or stateless persons who have a visa or a residence permit issued by Pakistani authorities and have illegally entered a Member State directly from Pakistan. Respect for fundamental human rights during the repatriation process must be guaranteed by requiring that international law be complied with, especially the principle of and the European Convention on Human Rights. In short, the measures in the agreement shall only apply to persons who are in the EU illegally and shall not affect others who have been granted asylum or whose application for international protection is in progress. Therefore, in my opinion, we cannot and must not confuse different issues that could prevent an agreement being reached that is fundamental in the development of the common European Union immigration policy. We therefore support the agreement but demand guarantees from Pakistan."@en1

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