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"I was pleased to hear the results of today’s vote. From the economic point of view, voluntary associations of producers are the most effective ways for farmers to work together. Such organisations increase farmers’ bargaining power in the market, even out their chances in negotiations with the food processing industry and allow production to be optimised without the need for excessive external support. In order to overcome competition, farmers must work together to a greater degree. Cooperation and coordination as an organisation of producers allows a range of initiatives to be taken, such as the promotion of regional products and running an information campaign for consumers, while also ensuring diversity of production in the EU market. In addition, groups are best able to determine needs in the areas of strategic planning, rationalisation of costs, improvements in farming efficiency and organisation of the sale of agricultural products. Money spent on producers’ groups will have a beneficial effect on the use of human and investment potential, and thereby also on revenues and the market position of farms."@en1

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