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"Mr President, Mr Barroso, you have presented us with a lot of fine words. I hear your words, but I ask myself: where is the action? The Roma, for example. It is not important to me that you criticise Mr Sarkozy in particularly strong terms. What I would like to know is, what are you going to do, what is the Commission going to do to enforce what is the common feeling of everyone here, namely that citizens’ rights are inviolable and must apply to everyone? To this question put to you by all sides of Parliament, you respond: ‘We will act in a responsible manner’. However, this response is, unfortunately, based on the idea that platitudes are the strongest weapons of European policy. That simply cannot be the case! My second point is that there has been talk here of a loss of confidence by European citizens. Citizens had very little mention in your address. However, we also need the European institutions to show modesty towards citizens. Thus, the principle that ‘every European euro is better spent in Europe’ is wrong. Without the appropriate modesty towards citizens, even the loftiest of goals will come crashing down."@en1

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