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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, what Parliament, the Council and the Commission have together achieved here in recent weeks and months is exemplary. I would particularly like to thank Mr Zalba for his work. In the first foreign trade policy matter since the Treaty of Lisbon – in which we have a decisive role to play – the European Parliament is showing that we are capable of action. We had the first reading in Committee in July, and this evening it is time for the debate. If it were up to us in Parliament, we could vote on the safeguard clauses tomorrow. Unfortunately, however, the other institution – that is, the Council – has so far failed to make it possible for us to approve the agreement tomorrow. I would have appreciated it if the Council were present here today. I would also appreciate the Council demonstrating a little more flexibility and a little more speed in this matter. I would like to say the following very clearly concerning the role of the European Parliament: the Commission, the Members and industry will, in future, have the right to initiate an investigation under the safeguard clause. We, the European Parliament, want to have that right too. I think I can speak for all the Members when I say that we will not waive this right. I urge the Commission and the Council to agree to this in the negotiations as quickly as possible. My next point concerns duty drawback. The Commission proposes that this be included in the safeguard clauses. I urge the Council to stop blocking this and to accept this matter. My third point concerns the matter of South Korea’s CO regulation, which also needs to be addressed. The Korean Government is planning to bring in a CO regulation in the automotive sector. We are all concerned that this regulation could be used to scale back to opening up of the Korean market to cars from Europe. I urge the Commission to speak to the Koreans about this in the strongest possible terms. This matter of the CO regulation is a litmus test. It would not be helpful if the first piece of new legislation adopted by the Koreans were to undermine the Free Trade Agreement. With this in mind, I wish the rapporteur and all those involved much continued success. I would be very grateful if we could conclude this matter before the year is out."@en1

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