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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, negotiations have reopened with the Mercosur countries, and, if I interpret today’s criticisms correctly, the main issue is that the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development was not informed. I agree that we must improve the coordination of all of these topics within the European Parliament. Naturally, the opening of Mercosur negotiations is an extremely important issue for our fellow Members in the Committee on Agriculture. However, just as there has been an information deficit in relation to this issue in the Committee on Agriculture, my colleagues from the Committee on International Trade were not informed of the tabling of today’s oral question. I think that we, the Bureau and the groups in Parliament, must all take greater care to ensure that we really do pursue coherent policies and that all the relevant committees are regularly brought on board. I should like to emphasise one point in particular. I am actually grateful that the Commission has reopened negotiations. On 5 May of this year, this House supported the reopening of negotiations in the Salafranca report. In other words, the Commission is doing exactly what Parliament decided by a large majority. Nonetheless, I would argue that we do not want an agreement at any price. Naturally the interests of agriculture, industry and the service sector must be taken into account as a whole. The fact that we can succeed in considering the interests of the agricultural sector in free trade agreements is evidenced by the free trade agreement with South Korea, for example, where the response from the agricultural sector has been very positive and where new market opportunities are being identified. We have also received positive feedback in relation to the trade agreement with Central America, where new markets are also opening up, for example in the dairy sector. I would be grateful if the Commission would increase its efforts in the coming weeks to take all interests into consideration, that is those of industry and the service sector, as well as those of agriculture."@en1

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