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"In reforming the CAP, we must not forget the principles of integration, solidarity and community. Direct payments significantly affect the security of food supplies. Not only do they help stabilise farmers’ incomes, but they also compensate for the costs of having to comply with the ever greater requirements being imposed on agriculture. If we do not eliminate the disparities in the level of direct support, this instrument – the main financial instrument of the CAP – will continue to divide the European Union into old and new Member States. Departure from the historical criteria of distribution would not only be a symbolic gesture of fuller integration, but would also contribute to ensuring equal conditions of competition in a single Community market. Furthermore, it is essential that rural development strategy continue to be a key element of the CAP, supporting economic and social development in a broad sense. A fundamental role is being played, here, by continued restructuring and modernisation of farms as well as by the many innovations intended to increase efficiency and improve competitiveness in an enlarged Union. A strong second pillar is an opportunity to help young farmers make a start in agriculture as well as to improve quality of life, activate society and improve the situation of women in rural areas."@en1

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