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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the European External Action Service represents a further step towards a common European foreign policy. I believe this Service offers a great opportunity and I would like to wish Baroness Ashton success, strength and God’s speed in establishing the Service and for her work in the coming years. I would also like to thank Elmar Brok and his fellow campaigners. I believe, Mr Brok, that what you have negotiated in recent months and the results you have managed to achieve are unparalleled, not just for Parliament but, above all, for the citizens of the European Union. I would like to focus attention on the area of foreign trade. Unlike the Common Foreign and Security Policy, we have had a common foreign trade policy for several decades. There is no doubt that many of the positive experiences gained in the area of foreign trade policy can be incorporated into the common External Action Service. However, I would stress that we should not allow the common External Action Service too much power, so that foreign policy will not be able to block, disadvantage or even paralyse other policy areas, such as foreign trade, in the future. There is still some work to be done on the details here. I would like to draw particular attention to the opinion of the Committee on International Trade, which is the work of Mr Zahradil, who provided incredibly good support from my group to Mr Zalewski. I would be very grateful, Baroness, if you and your officials would take the opinion of the Committee on International Trade into account in your work in the coming weeks."@en1

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