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"Mr President, Mr Tremosa i Balcells, ladies and gentlemen, even if I feel tempted now to touch on the subject of religion, mainly because of the emphasis placed several times on the principle of subsidiarity, I always find it irritating whenever this principle inspired by Christian social ethics is used to state that we should have as little as possible at European level. This principle clearly states that everything should be regulated at the level where it can be best regulated, and at the lowest possible level. However, what we have seen is that financial supervision involving major cross-border institutions in a single internal market is simply no longer working at national level. It is a pity therefore that my fellow Members are no longer present. Otherwise, I would have been glad to make them even more familiar with the principles of Christian social ethics. However, one thing which is also important to me is this compromise which we are now producing. We hope – obviously with your help, Mr Barnier – that we will actually now produce it quickly in order to avoid any misunderstanding here. Parliament tabled a last-minute compromise last week. According to the current interpretation we have, the points on which we indicate that we would be willing to change our position again, as part of a compromise we find difficult, are now taken as read, and all the other points are to be renegotiated. The rationale behind this is as follows; Parliament will approve because we all want the authorities to get started on 1 January 2011. The only thing I can say about this is that we all want the authorities to get started, but we will fight for strong powers. It does not work if an inch being given ultimately results in a mile being taken. This method will fail. The consensus in Parliament on this is too strong, and we want a compromise, but only with strong powers. I hope that this signal is also clearly understood by the absent Council. Otherwise, we are all going to find it very uncomfortable next week."@en1

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