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"Mr President, we would congratulate Mrs Malmström and Mr Alvaro and ourselves for the support proclaimed for the agreement by the various groups that form a large majority in this House. Let us also respect those not in agreement. Transatlantic security surrounded by democratic guarantees is essential for short-circuiting the financing of terror. Today, we are reaffirming our support for a new agreement that is more protective of the public interest, and in which Parliament has played a greater part. The Council needs to understand, listen to and cooperate more and in a better way with a different Parliament, deriving from the Treaty of Lisbon. The EU needs its own terrorist finance tracking programme, in a form whereby data extraction can take place within Union territory and under the supervision of European officials. The Commission has an essential role to play in promoting this. To conclude, we must not forget that information obtained by the United States using SWIFT has been a determining factor in preventing attacks in Barcelona, Madrid and London, and the jihad in Germany. I believe that the agreement is useful."@en1

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