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"Madam President, I will explain my position succinctly. I would first like to congratulate Mr Coelho. The process was supposed to be completed before 30 September, so the regulatory instruments need to be amended before they expire. Secondly, there is no proposal from the Commission setting a deadline or removing the expiry clauses from the original proposals. Thirdly, a precautionary period should be established for migration which, if necessary, could be extended through comitology. Fourthly, the process is not subject to control by Parliament, which I think is a very bad thing. Fifthly, we do not know the results of the tests of the second generation Schengen Information System, and Parliament must be informed. Sixthly, based on what I have said, I support the rapporteur’s proposals and the warning that the Court of Auditors will intervene if the project fails. Regarding the reports by Mr Tavares on the European Refugee Fund and resettlement, I would also like to congratulate Mr Tavares. The main problem is a lack of solidarity within the Union. We need to be cautious about financial aid for Member States that take in refugees for the first time, particularly due to comparative injustice. These measures, which I support in principle, Mr Tavares, require a detailed prior financial study."@en1

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