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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I, too, would like to address the issue of pre-accession aid. The Court of Auditors says clearly in its report that it is not in a position to prove the proper utilisation of funds on the basis of current programmes. The European Commission has therefore established programmes that we cannot monitor and whose effectiveness we cannot check. In its opinion, the Committee on Budgetary Control delivered a clear position, and now there is unbelievable lobbying by the Turkish side. With regard to budget discharge, the question here is not whether or not Turkey will join the EU. It is not about whether or not we want to please representatives of other friendly countries, it is about us checking whether the programmes are really effective, it is about money reaching those it is intended for and not being drained off somewhere. It is also about us handling European citizens’ tax money properly. Therefore, I would be very grateful if the majority of the House could make the right decision when it is finally up for the vote."@en1

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