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"Mr President, Mr Kallas, we are certainly dealing with a crisis situation. In Europe, air traffic has been reduced by 70%, and 80% of airports have been closed. I do hope, however, that we are able to draw several constructive conclusions. Firstly, the Commission should do everything to ensure that the eruption of the volcano does not lead to the bankruptcy of European air carriers, which are in a catastrophic financial situation as it is. I say this in the context of yesterday’s debate on financing the security of air travel and the Council’s resistance to financing stricter measures related to security. Secondly, experiments with new, unproven technologies such as body and liquid scanners will certainly not improve security, but they undoubtedly will have an effect on the financial condition of European air carriers. Thirdly, the question of passengers. I think the decision to halt flights out of concern for passenger safety was a wise one. However, that concern should not stop there, but should also include help for those who, through no fault of their own, have been stranded at airports. These matters have already been discussed more than once at sittings of the European Parliament and, in particular, the Committee on Transport and Tourism. Paradoxically, however, only the eruption of the volcano in Iceland has made us all aware how essential the aviation industry is to the proper functioning of the European Union economy, and this is true in particular of those representatives of the EU institutions who, for this reason, were not able to attend the funeral in Krakow on Sunday."@en1

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