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"Madam President, at the outset, I would like to thank the rapporteur, Mr Leichtfried, for a splendid report and for ideal cooperation during our work on this document. We had to answer four questions, but first we had to state the task, which was protection of the interests of airline passengers, and this was the most important part of our work. However, the four questions we asked ourselves were a matter of answering a question about transparency, or which groups might be admitted to participate in the procedure. It was a question about the scope of the directive, or at which airports the directive can be applied. There was one very important question, about financing, which the Commission was not able to answer. However, together with Mr Leichtfried, we did manage to find a solution, and I thank him especially for this. I am talking about the more stringent measures, which should be financed by the Member States. Another matter concerned the competence of the independent supervisory authority in establishing charges connected with air traffic security. During our work, we developed a common position, which I consider a very ambitious one. It is, today, a challenge for the Council and the Commission. I think that we, as airline passengers, and in contradistinction to the passengers of ships, cars and railways, should not have to pay for this kind of security. This is a gesture to the Council, it is a compromise position and I expect, today, an equally ambitious position from the Council."@en1

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