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"I was pleased by the result of the vote on Mrs Jędrzejewska’s report on the European Union’s budget priorities for 2011. I did, of course, vote in favour. Today’s vote was exceptional for two reasons. Firstly, it is the first budget adopted under the rules of the Treaty of Lisbon. Secondly, it was the European Parliament which presented its proposals for priorities first, and not the Commission. The rapporteur very pertinently referred, in her document, to the question of young people and education. During a crisis, it is particularly important to support young people by, for example, helping them find their first job or set up their own business. The lack of sufficient reference to this matter in previous years is, today, particularly visible. Employment experts point out that it is not only graduates who are having difficulties in the job market, but also people in their thirties who have been in the job market for several years."@en1

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