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"Mr President, Baroness Ashton, I would like to thank Mr Danjean for his excellent report, in which he explains where we now are in relation to the common security and defence policy. He also explains which points we do not have agreement on. If Parliament adopts this report, it will have come further than the Commission and the Council, in a few specific points, as this report, for example, once again makes express and positive reference to the Barnier report on European civil protection. It is regrettable that Baroness Ashton has just rejected that idea once more. Lady Ashton, I regret that one of the few points in your presentation where you said ‘no’ was to this idea of Mr Barnier’s, whereas on most topics, you seem to be at the same place as everybody else. The new report, like the Albertini report, supports a Union training mission in Somalia. We in the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance reject that idea. We are stumbling into a mission, there, where it is clear neither what its added value is in relation to what has already been done in the region nor within what broader political framework it is based, or whether it actually makes any contribution at all to national reconstruction in Somalia. The likelihood is extremely high that we are paying over the odds in order to train foot soldiers who will then move on to the next warlord willing to pay the most. Allow me to make a third comment. This report talks of the goal of achieving Europe’s strategic autonomy in the field of security and defence policy. For me, that is excessive – we are biting off more than we can chew here. I do not believe that any of the Member States is in a position to come up with the mammoth military expenditure that we would need if we were taking that wording of achieving ‘strategic autonomy’ seriously. As it happens, I also think that this would be a strategic mistake in any case. Europe must find its role in a meshwork of European and global security, and such a role cannot be that of a strategic stand-alone. It would therefore be better for us to agree, very rationally and realistically, to enhance those capacities and structures that give us the capability of acting more autonomously."@en1

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