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"Mr President, I shall begin by congratulating Mrs Járóka on defending the Roma population within European Union institutions. It should be pointed out that Mrs Járóka and the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) have designed the first European strategy for the integration of the Roma minority, proposing specific Community actions to benefit over nine million citizens living in the European Union. The Roma population’s situation is different from that of other national minorities in Europe, which is why we need to adopt specific measures concerning them. The second European summit on Roma inclusion to be held in Córdoba should serve as a forum in which to courageously tackle the problems experienced by this community and to design specific financial and legal instruments which will benefit a minority that has to play the leading role in designing its own future, putting behind us previous paternalist approaches. I agree that no one has the right to gain political capital at their expense. Only multidisciplinary, coordinated action between the Commission, the Council and Member States can bring positive results for the Roma population. The various European commissioners involved will need to coordinate their approach so as to put an end to any action that excludes or discriminates against Roma people. The Council, together with the Member States, should promote the full integration of the Roma population. Finally, Member States are responsible for promoting measures to combat the discrimination so often suffered by the Roma. Access to health care, quality education, further training and professional retraining are indispensable goals for Roma people to be able to achieve decent employment and full participation in civil society. In that regard, it is vital for local authorities to participate, and I know very well what I am talking about. We must do everything we can for them, but nothing can be done without them, and in this Chamber, Mr President, we already have some excellent Roma Members."@en1

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